Our Specialists and Support Team

Veterinary, Nutrition, Transport and Farrier Service

It takes a village...We are our lucky to have some of the best equine specialists available and caring for our herd.

Dr. Andrea Adams D.V.M

Dr. Adams is always just a phone call away.  She is our primary farm vet and does all of our preventative and reproductive health checks.
Dr. Adams is blessing to our program and we're very fortunate to have her.


Mike Fetter

Routine farrier care is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Our mares also receive the best feed and supplements that promote healthy and fast hoof growth. Mike takes care of all the hoof care needs in the herd. He also is the first farrier to interact with the foals, he specializes in introducing  foot handling in a positive and non threatening way for our foals. Mike is also part of the groundwork and training process. From socialization, haltering and first walks, it's important for each foal to become accustomed to working with more than one person. This builds confidence and trust in more than one relationship for them, making their transition to your home easier.
Soulwind Warlanders is grateful to have all of Mike's support and extensive knowledge when it comes to the care and training of our horses.


Mark Kaylor

Mare and foal health is the most important aspect of our program. Our intention is always to provide the best preventive care available.  I was introduced to Animal Element over 4 years ago and I've been using their products for all of the herd since. This supplement program does wonders for any horse but especially for our mares and foals. 
Mark Kaylor is our Animal Element Representative, he is always just a phone call away. He delivers all of our products to us, knows all of our horses histories and makes the best recommendations available for each of them. If you're interested in trying these products or continuing the use for your foal, reach out to Mark to receive a sample.

animal element

Yoder Equine Transport

Shipping can be stressful on both horse and owner, especially on a young horse. We use the best hauler available for all of our personal hauling needs and we highly recommend Yoder Equine Transport if you are needing your horse shipped to you. We can help arrange shipping if needed.