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Updated: Oct 6


2016 Grey IALHA Spanish Andalusian

Allie is the first Andalusian mare we brought to the program. She is an incredible mare, she’s soft, sensitive, has incredible movement and natural body control and she has proven to be an amazing mom.


2013 Blue Roan Quarter Horse This mare is remarkably intelligent and moves in a way I’ve never seen before from a quarter horse. We are excited to see what her babies will inherit from her, hopefully its her beautiful color!

Freyjas Arcadian Crow

2017 Friesian/Percheron Registered Black Friesian Heritage Horse

Crow came all the way from Iowa. She was the first Friesian cross to arrive at our ranch and the main inspiration to create our program. Crow and I are still enjoying getting to know each other and becoming a solid riding team, we have not decided on a breeding date at this time.

Coming Soon! Isla

2018 Registered 50/50 Bay Warlander

This mare will be coming early spring 2021. She is our first Warlander mare, her foals will be 75% Friesian/25% Andalusian.

SW Eva Estrella

2014 Bay Warlander

Eva will be in training for the rest of this year, we’re excited to see what her potential under saddle is.


Milton-Freewater, OR 97862, USA


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