The Mares of Soulwind Warlanders

Freyjas Arcadian Crow 

2017 Friesian/Percheron 16hands

Crow was an Amish raised farm horse. She was the first Friesian cross to come to Soulwind Ranch and made the trip all the way for Iowa. Crow is currently open, she is getting more riding time and experience while she grows.Crow has been tested and is negative for both Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus.  


2016 Spanish Andalusian 14.3hands

Alameda or Allie for short is a wonderful mother. Her patience is always admirable and she does an excellent job raising her foals. She is a beautiful mare with lots of hair and passes that on to her offspring.

Eternal Autumn 

2007 Registered Buckskin Warlander

Amber as we call her, is an amazing Buckskin Warlander mare with a heavier Friesian build and lots of hair and feathers. Amber is clear of hydrocephalus and dwarfism. 


Quarter horse 

Our beautiful Indy. This mare is the most intelligent, sensitive and agile horse I have ever been around. She has beautiful conformation and fantastic feet. We have high hopes for her offspring.

SW Eva Estrella 

2014 Warlander 15.1h

Eva is a stunning Bay Warlander Mare. She’s the granddaughter of the Lusitano Stallion Saphiro, Eva is is 75% Iberian and 25% Friesian. She’s got an amazing mane and tail and the most elegant features. Eva is clear of hydrocephalus and dwarfism. 

Isla HM

2018 Registered Bay Warlander

Isla is a stunning 16h 50/50 F1 Warlander Mare. 



Milton-Freewater, OR 97862, USA

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