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Get to know all about Soulwind Warlanders - what we do, our mission and our history. Soulwind Warlanders is a true dream come true. We are located at the base of the Blue Mountains in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. We believe that the best pre and postnatal care paired with consistent, conscious interaction is what builds on the foundation of a great horse. Our foals are raised in a herd environment, they are handled daily using skilled natural horsemanship methods and upon weaning they are ready to build a fantastic partnership with their owners. 

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Meet Deidre! 

Owner/Breeder/Trainer/Professional Horse Snuggler

I fell in love with horses when I was 2 years old.  I remember the first time I got up on one like it happened yesterday. I was hooked from that moment on, they became a part of me.   

From a few great ponys, a big retired draft mare, the occasional mule and a handful of wonderful race or cow bred quarter horses, I loved and learned from them all. The last 5 years I have been doing rescue and rehabs and learning training and communication techniques that go beyond what I was shown and taught as a young rider.  The work is slow, it starts inside you and it produces a bond that changes you.

That work, the introduction to Friesian Part Breds and my desire to have a horse live as long and be as healthy as my 36 year old barrel mare, is what led me to Warlanders. I am excited to share this passion and help introduce this breed.